An Insight into the Attributes of Open Pedagogy

In this blog, we shall explore the attributes of open pedagogy through various models shared by Bronwyn Hegarty overlapping all the attributes from technology to personal and community characteristics, to reflective practices. These blogs wind up the intersections of inclusive and open practice on pedagogies and enhance learning experiences.

Open pedagogy refers to collaborating open teaching and learning practices that benefit educator, teachers and learners alike to grow a culture with ready sharing, active learning, and speedy enhancement of creativity within an inclusive community in an open-minded atmosphere. It is the practice of engaging with learners as creators of information rather than simply digesting information. Open pedagogy is a form of experiential learning in which learners showcase understanding through the act of creation. The 8 attributes of Open Pedagogy popularly known as Open Educational Practice (OEP)

Below is a framework for Open Pedagogy, proposed by Bronwyn Hegarty.

The 8 attributes of open pedagogy is a dynamic model by Bronwyn Hegarty. Also, Open Pedagogy requires a change in the mindset to develop and work in a specific way to reap the maximum benefit from this model. Besides all the 8 attributes are interdependent on each other and best results can be obtained only when used in collaboration.