Hi everyone!

I am Moumita Mitra, a Bioinformatician and a Researcher at heart but an Educationist by profession.  With God’s Grace, I have earned 15 years of experience and working knowledge in the field of Education and Administration. A proud moment on completing training ‘Molecular & Medical Genetics in Syndromic Diseases &Thalassaemia Diagnosis’ under Prof. Dr.Susilchandra Pal, Medical Geneticist from Human Genetic Engineering Research Centre.

As an educator, I aspired to provide quality education to the national and international community and attract high calibre students around the globe to my classroom. My focus is to nurture students to become confident, independent thinkers in a challenging multi-cultural environment.  My focus is to dedicate into making the transition smooth and easy experience. I allow children to become responsible members of my classroom community by using strategies such as class meetings, positive discipline, democratic principles, teamwork and time management.

According to me, the important features of providing holistic education and schooling are,

·    Acquire academic skills

·    Apply knowledge to real life situations

·    Produce results and learning outcomes on global standards

·    Develop a strong identity of self-worth

·    Be able to relate, connect and communicate effectively with others

·    Be sensitive to all cultures

·    Be service oriented unconditionally

·    Have an acceptance level of good decorum

·    Be a lifelong learner equipped with a keen spirit of inquiry

·    Be goal oriented

·    Experience the joy of living

·    Develop awareness and sensitivity to global issues and act locally and globally.

·    Preserve and maintain the environment that we live and work in.

I also understand that every child may not be brilliant in academics. He/she may be creative in thought, dynamic in action and possess a high degree of organizing ability.

I, therefore, endeavour that during the child’s school years, the aforesaid qualities are brought together and trained. This enables the child is growing up to be a mature young adult and face the ever-changing world as a true global citizen.

PEDAGOGYweb is a platform where I will be sharing my research findings on numerous topics related to Pedagogy. These insights into the World of Education may help you as a learner, parent or a teacher to adjust with the global educational shift and therefore you can connect better with your children and students.

Will appreciate your honest response and opinion in the comment box at the end of every blog I post. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. This will help me to work better and create a unique page for the parent-teacher-learner community.

Thank you for taking the time to read through. Looking forward to your comments.